Indego Africa
Why we love Indego Africa

Raised by a pack of passionate educators, Amanda is incredibly passionate about life-long learning and expresses this through various organizations that focus on providing career guidance, mentorship and support for entrepreneurs. We love Indego Africa because they are all about empowering and uplifting artisan women in Africa. Bonus? They also invest all of their profits from their product sales, with grants and donations, into educational programs for the artisans who handcraft their goods.

“Education empowers women to lift themselves and their families out of poverty and become agents of change in their communities.” – Indego Africa

Indego Africa provides their artisan partners with two primary education programs, on site at their partner cooperatives and an advanced business education taught at their Leadership Academy in Kigali. Further, they offer a wide range of specialized workshops targeted to meet their partner’s needs including education on Savings & Loans, Sexual Health, Domestic Violence, Occupational Wellness and Breast Cancer Awareness. Students use the lessons through the program, as well as the workshops to improve their own management and performance, launch new businesses, create employment opportunities and drive sustainable development in their communities.

It is this mission, women’s education and economic empowerment that drives Indego Africa and makes us love them so much.
Indego Africa